The climbfish have now evolved to cover my life in the US - including very exiting life in downtown Baltimore (aka the wire) and ocean research expeditions with NOAA. I don't promise frequent updates but I will try and cover the most and least exiting times here. Enjoy!
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arrival to Iceland

Finaly arrived to Iceland and Dalsvik! Both me and Pelle are awed by the vievs and the light so far, 9 pm and still not dark. The rest of the crew Fredrik, Martin, Maria, Johan and Oskar picked us up at Ayakuri Airport in a big Jeep and we drove off to find a place to pitch our tents for the night to enjoy the wilderness and stay cheep... But instead we found an almost abandoned hotell in preferable price range and are now sipping whiskey at the hotell lobby, everybody look quite happy with that start... Tomorrow hopfully time for a skitour in the morning and the boat arrives in the afternoon.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Packing check!

Almost ready with packing, puh! Now for the last day at work. We are doing a seismik survey in Hakefjord Gothenburg today. I was on the boat yesterday and noticed that I got a little seasick while the boat was still at the dock, looking good for the northern Atlantic! Quit happy I have packed plenty of seasick drugs. Got a  cold as well, but positive it will get too scared to come along.
Last day at work, R/V Ranja and Fyr in Gothenburg Harbour

All I need to do now is to fit everything in two small bags...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Running for a volcano

The last month have been filled with preparations for the trip. Getting all the gear together for skiing, glacier traveling, fishing, sailing and photography - a lot of stuff. Most important has been my intense training program to insure I eat a lot of fat food to get that extra insulation needed, and on top of that I have done yoga for contemplation on the boat. My friend Pelle (aka Grisen) will be my Swedish Sherpa so physics is of less concern.

In truth my mind have been engaged by this trip for a while now, and although I don't have much expectations in terms of weather and making it to the top of Beerenberg I'm confident that whatever mother nature and lady fortuna decides to send our way it will be a great adventure with good friends. Fingers crossed!

I fly out on Thursday, meeting the rest of the crew in Akureyri and sail from Dalsvik on Friday.

to be continued...

Packing list
Skidor - Fisher Watea 98, 176 cm, Marker Tour12
Pjäxor - BD Quadrant
Gipron touringstavar
Stighudar och knivar
Stegjärn, isyxa
Spade, sond, transiever, hjälm
Klättersele, 3 slingor (2x120, 1x60), prusik (5mm, lång och kort)
4 karbiner, repbroms, 2 quickdraws
2 BD Express isskruvar (16, 22 cm)
30m touring rep, 5m extra rep (5mm)
Pannlampa x2, extra batterier
Greger (han heter så, modell Gerber) multitool
Ryggsäck Dakine 40l, NF 90l Duffy, Camelback 2l
Sovsäck (dun, -7), liggunderlag
skidglasögon, solglasögon

Film och foto - Sony Nex-5, objektiv 16mm, 18-55mm. 16+8 gb SD kort, extra batteri, laddare
Kompaktkamera - Olympus U tough 8000, 8 gb mSD, extra batteri

Dunjacka, förstärkningjacka, softshelljacka,
Mössor, handskar x2
2x tröja och 2a lagers byxa
Underställ x ett gäng
Byxor + tunt regnställ
Strumpor, sockar, underkläder
Stövlar, Kängor, dunskor

2 fiskespön (ett haspel, ett havsfiskespö)
Liten Kite 2m (modell biltema!)
Kort, Backgammon

Förstahjälpen kit
Antiinflamatoriska piller
Sjösjukeplåster + armband för lite go placebo feeling
solstift 50 (med 3 soldagar om året får man passa sig!
drybag 10l, pelikan case
Pass, Försäkringspapper, flyg o tågbiljetter