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Monday, April 4, 2011

Arriving Jan Mayen

A short summery of the last 50 hours: seven seasick seamen on the ship of Aurora.
It started off with a great evening on the boat with sun in our faces and the beautiful Icelandic fjords behind us. Then the wind and the waves started, most of us (including the captains assistant Runar) was seasick the whole way, only Johan and the captain was unaffected. In total I've spend about 40 hours out of 50 in my bunk bed.
We arrived Jan Mayen last night, but the waves where to big to attempt a landing. Today it looks better and we are now leaving to shore dressed in survival suits. Ready set go!
Jan Mayen looks intimidating with black lava rocks and snow, but beautiful.

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Boarding Aurora in Dalvik

No wind, sunshine and a great scenery leaving Iceland
Everybody excited to be on the boat and on our way, sails set!
Ice cold winds from Greenland froze everything to ice on the boat (photo Johan)

My bunkbed view next morning, I'm seasick and its freezing cold, wet and icy
After 50 hours sail we arrive destination. Maria and Martin getting some fresh air
Pelle and me finally on Jan Mayen! Runar and the dingy in the background
Our landing site, a desolate wavy beach on Jan Mayen


  1. Jag behöver mer livstecken än så här från dig. Hälsar orolig flickvän!

  2. Hjälpte inte "the eerbs" jag skickade med dig. Kul att ni kommit fram. Landsjuka nästa? Slå en pling till Anna också :)