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Monday, April 11, 2011

A dramatic end and salvation

...We managed to get the wale watching boat to tow us, Runar and Sigge at the rodder took a constant beating of water spraying over deck (we were all quite happy to sit nice and reasonably dry underneath the roof). Eventually I had a short bumby wet sleep and got woken up by Runar to assist getting the boat to the dock. The offshore wind was still in full storm strength, and as we let the towline go we managed to get the rope tangled in to the propeller so the engine died at worst possible moment, throwing the boat on the sharp pier rocks, it bounced off a few times with a crunchy expensive sound but luckily enough we eventually stranded near a boat ramp with relatively smooth bottom. At the same time the captain on the wale watching boat fell overboard and another of their crew broke a leg as our propeller stretched their towline unsuspectingly. They got their captain out of the water and eventually helped us together with a rescue team in a zodiac, and managed to get our boat off the shallow water and into berth. Puh! Very impressed by Captain Sigge who during the whole time kept his calm and took sound decisions even as his boat took a big beating. All together the trip home took 80 hours, while the trip to Jan Mayen took 52 hours. We also had some nice sailing on the way as all of us had a better time with the seasickness, I think it was only me who emptied my stomach in the start of the trip home.
Aurora on the towline in stormy waters on the way to Husavik

Captain Sigge enduring a wash machine treatment as the waves keep spraying deck.

Now story wasn't completely over for our part as everybody except me and Pelle were to fly from Reykjavik this morning. So 4 a clock in the morning we hurled ourself into a rental minibus and hit the road in worst possible conditions, snowstorm with very strong winds. However Martin (who together with Maria had the earliest flight) drove very "efficient" from A to B and they all made it to their planes! It was a real nice landscape we passed trough and Iceland calls for another visit with hiking boots and fishing rod in hand. Me and Pelle are now at a hotel in Keflavik and we just had our first shower in 10 days! If it wasn't for the wet clothes I'm still wearing I would be in heaven... Now we will do a little day trip and take a look at some volcanic activity, the storm hitting the coast and bath in the very touristy "blue lagoon" hot spring before we fly out tomorrow morning!

Me sleeping in the back of the car while cruising through the scenic landscape

It might take some time until any of us decide to sail on the northern Atlantic in the middle of the winter again, but the trip has been worth its struggles. A great trip is coming to an end! Now I'm very much looking forward to spring in Göteborg, heard its nice and warm back home.

I will update with pictures and a more complete story about the adventure on Jan Mayen soon enough!

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