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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A final word on the Jan Mayen trip

After 5 days at home the experience on the winter Atlantic is feeling very far away. Its funny how I'm already is starting to forget the cold and the rough seas and only remember the great group of friends, the fantastic day on the top of the volcano in the middle of nowhere (already on my "top 5 ski day ever" list), the days skiing around on the island and on Iceland, and the refreshing sail the last few days when seasickness finally gave up and the sun came out in favourable winds (well, until they got alittle to strong). 

I have now updated my previous blog from Jan Mayen (see the Jan Mayen experience) with pictures and some text. All in all I really enjoyed this weird, wild and remote island, not similar to anything I've seen before. I have also enjoyed the inspiring company of everyone who took part in this expedition and who helped keeping spirits up during harder times, thank you Fredrik (who came up with the idea in the first place), Runar and Sigge (who made everything possible), Oscar, Johan, Pelle, Martin and Maria! This trip didn't have the best odds on the paper to be a success (there where many catastrophic scenarios...) but if you go for it, it seems like things often end up your way.

If you feel like skiing icelandic fjord, Greenland or Jan Mayen I can highly recomend www.boreaadventures.com -  Just heard from Sigge and Runar that the boat was ok after the insident "hitting" iceland (well there was some fixing to do but Sigge were able to repair the damage done and bring her back to tip top), and the guy with the broken leg was on good way to recover within the next few weeks.

A short plus and minus list:
+ Runars food at base camp and Sigges good mood in all weather and situations
+ The spirits of everyone (I'm not talking about the whiskey now)
+ Jan Mayen Island who eventually smiled at us after some bad temper
+ The adventure factor at all times
+ Swimming in the "blue lagoon" after 12 days on not taking a shower... 
+ Seasickplasters who make you sleepy for 40 hours, so you dont have to deal with anything...
- I hate to feel seasick even for a short while, and 2 days is not short!
- Rain instead of powder day 3 at Jan Mayen
- Didn't catch any fish during the whole trip!

Until next time (any ideas what we should do then?)!


Jan Mayen photo hanging on the wall in the old Metro station near base camp

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