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Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuck in a storm

2011-04-10, 19:40

After 3 rough days at sea, starting with loosing our anchour while waiting out a storm in big swell in Wallruss bay Jan Mayen, we now have Iceland in sight! We are only 20 nm from the Harbour in Husavik (destination changed due to storms further to the west) the wind started blowing against us and is now reaching over 30 m/s. We took all the sails down due to the storm and started the motor, but our engine power alone is not enough to push through the wind so we are not moving forward. Its clear blue skyes and land is so close! At the moment we are waiting for a wale watching boat to assist us by towing. We are okey and feel safe on the boat, but its still a bit of a drama at the moment. Hoping to reach Husavik early morning so the people flying out monday will get their flight in time!
Aurora at anchor point in Walrus bay waiting for better weather,  big swells.

Walrus bay has spectacular surroundings, cold Atlantic meets the mountains!

Sigge and Runar taking turns at the rodder while the wind is increasing.

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  1. Efter att ha varit med på plats och sedan läst om dina äventyr antar jag att ni egentligen puttrar lugnt in i hamn, möjligen med en lätt bris i ansiktet...