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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Jan Mayen Experience

Time to go home!

Its late eveing on Jan Mayen, and we have just boarded the boat to sail back home. Tonight we are on anchour in Walruss buchta to wait out a big lowpressure our way. The forecast is southern winds 25kn and by now we all know it meens most of us will be seasick and lay in our bunks for about 50 hours before reaching Isafjourdur on Sunday afternoon...
The days on Jan Mayen have been really great. will show pictures and tell the story at later time. We made it to the top of Beerenberg, had sun and a amazing ski down with northern light at the night. We also had all kinds of weather both on the climb to the top and the following days. Snow, rain, howling winds, fog, sun. you name it. Time to get seasick...
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Jan Mayen in pictures

Basecamp by the ocean at the foot of Beerenberg, plenty of tents for everyone!

Early start 7am day 2, heading for Beerenberg 2277, overcast with no summit in sight

Lunch break, strong wind, whiteout and moist air covering everything in ice

Suddenly the clouds gives! At 1600m we rope up for the glacier (photo Martin)

Short break enjoying the fantastic view!

Me and Fredrik boosting our energy reserve with yet another chocolate bar...

Last 500 meters climb we boot with crampons, finally reaching the crater rim!

Fredrik photographing the Beerenberg crater while hoping for an eruption!

Me and Martin climbing the cinnamon bun looking summit (photo Runar)

Oscar, Pelle, Me, Martin at the summit, 7pm and almost sunset (photo Runar)

Impressive glaciers peel of the crater and don't stop until they hit the Atlantic far below

Time to go skiing! Little nervous to hit a hidden crevass but excited for the run.

2277m vertical and 15 km distance with natures own groomed run at sunset!

Me enjoying the glacier snow with another 2000 vertical to go (photo Runar)

When we reach camp the sky switched to movie mode northern light!

Runar cooking up a well deserved dinner in our food tent
Dish washing (and washing) in the snow has a "different" standard....

The next day we spend playing around camp, no big walk today! (photo Runar)

The last day we went ski touring some smaller craters on Beerenbergs shoulder, In time for our last descent my new Marker Tour12 binding broke (!) so had to ski down on one ski, very glad it wasn't the first day!(photo Oscar)

Fredrik giving Pelle a lesson in volcano geology

Black lava cliffs meet the stormy beach, soon the birds are alone again...


  1. Vilket fantastiskt äventyr!!
    Larssons i Lidköping

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