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Friday, September 2, 2011

Hurrican season

Apparently the 1st of September is in the middle of the hurricane season. But after days of calm sunny weather I was settling in for a comfortable ride thinking that this time I will not be caught in a storm, and that my presence doesn't by default meaning we will get in trouble.  
Latest weather update 7.15 AM. We just moved from the middle of the white stuff to the edge of the blue.
Since yesterday a depression has been forming around us and wind and rain has been hitting us pretty hard, its not a tropical storm yet but it likely will be very soon. The bumpy ride affects our sonar data and people have been seasick. I took the excuse to stay in bed most of the day yesterday before my shift to make sure I wouldn't feel ill, and it actually worked. I think I have slowly been getting used to the seas during the calm first part of this cruise. To avoid the worst weather we have now moved east to work on the Florida escarpment, closer to Key West, while waiting for the storm to past. This might take some time as the depression is fore casted to hang around for a couple of days and grow in strength. Don't worry, she is a big boat with a solid crew and we will be fine.

Link to track us: www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shipposition.phtml?call=WTDH


  1. Vindstilla i Bromma, kom hit istället!
    Fast varning för tre trötta killar som just har skällt ut sin mamma för att hon vann "Den försvunna diamanten". Det var tydligen inte tillåtet att slå sexor med tärningen och absolut inte att flyga även om man hade pengar till det ;)

    Kram syster

  2. Inte ok att blogga i storm men inte uppdatera livstecken till sin oroliga fru. PUSS sjösjukis