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Friday, November 11, 2011


Damn it! I couldn't resist the temptation 1111111111111111111111111111111111111

Ikea robot Anna with her Hopkins friends and 1% husband...
Why sleep in tent when you can pay the rent?

Another couple of weeks of Baltimore life has passed. Somehow I have been keeping myself pretty busy with a variety of projects, but have also been sneaking away for random excursion during sunny weekdays while Anna has been hiding in the Hopkins dungeons.

Taking a leave? Brian and me exploring alternative ways of spending a Monday
When I get sick of the city I climb trees.
Since a few days back we are house sitting George in a luxurious house by the water front in Fells point. George doesn't like me, yet, but he do very much resembles Anna. He lives in a cage, he eat seeds and drink water, and he bites me when he get the chance.

Me and George
George will love me, its just a matter of time!
Last weekend we hosted a glorious Swedish Fish Party to finally warm our apartment. We made everybody eat pickled herring, sing swedish songs and dance the little frog dance. That was fun.

Swedish Fish Party!

Having some more time at my disposal have made me open my eyes to things around me a little more. I was watching a great documentary movie, Gasland, at the Library in Baltimore the other day - it's about a relatively new way of drilling for gas which causes evil environmental problems, damn it oil and money! When I walked out of there I was really angry and wanted to change the world... haven't made much progress yet though... However I think the least we can do is to stay informed and keep an eye on other sources of news then our daily newspaper and TV.

Occupy Baltimore still going strong!

My own silent protest

Having said all that I still went with a gasoline car -94 with Bob and drove 2.5 hours to the coast to go surfing over the day. Both of us had a bad cold, but what other way is there to
get rid of all those germs then to immerse ourselves in cold salty ocean water. I finally had a chance to try out my GoPro camera on the surfboard so I put together a short film of all the crashes I made for your pleasure (to my defense the surf was clean but very dumpy as the waves hit straight onshore).

Yesterday I got inpatient with the city again and went flyfishing at Gunpowder Creek for a few hours. Of course I had to go on the only rainy day of the week, but it was actually quite cool in the foggy woods.

Sweet Gunpowder creek with clean water and native trout!
Anybody home?

Still going strong, wonder what they will be like in the snow?

Do i smell winter? And what is that tree growing from?

Counting my days of good fall weather in Baltimore with free time on my hands. I believe change is around the corner.



  1. Kom hem och protestera. Det är snöfritt i nästan hela Sverige. Vi behöver dig! Kram från Mamma

  2. Awesome! Your paddling-into-waves face is classic.