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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Climbfish at work

It may seem to you who have followed this blog, that the life of a climbfish is relatively easy and joyful. Although there might be some truth in this assumption I also found this educational video that shows that it isn't always so easy to be a climbing fish. 

Times are a-changin'. On Monday I will start working for NOAA again. This time for the Biogeography Branch. Most of the work will be based out of the NOAA office in Silver Springs but there will also be field projects later on - mainly in areas with coral reefs within the US territory. It is very exiting and I will tell you more in time. This also means that my roaming around will come to an end as I will join the commuters to DC. To celebrate and make the most out of the time left I went with some friends to The Island.

Me, Kurt, Andy and Kate on-route The Island
The Island is a place where no rules of society exists. It is a land without consequences. I cannot tell you where it is, but I do have some pictures for you.

The way to The Island is filled with unseen dangers
We packed only the mere essentials, like two guitars and a ukulele 
...and bongo drums and lots of bananas
Other essentials: two big axes, a shovel. a machete and a pellet gun.
Drift wood was a commodity but still heavy work
Drying up from the rapids
The simple joy of a roaring fire and friends
Other joys on the island...
Kurt showing off on the slack line, it looks so easy damn it!

Time to float back to civilization
 Now there are still a few days left of the week, on Thursday I look forward to celebrating my very first American Thanksgiving. And as soon as the rain pass I hope to make it out for some more outside activities.

Six days left and counting...

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