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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bye bye Colorado, Hello Utah!

Colorado is getting old...
So... I had my plan already set, to roam around colorado a few more days before going home to Baltimore on Tuesday. Then somebody at the hostel in Silverton said there was a big snow storm about to hit Utah, and here I am, in the Mohab desert on my way to Alta. I am just about to drive out into the Arches national park to spend the night and then driving on tomorrow hopfully in time to catch some afternoon pow. Yep, still going home on tuesday so got some driving ahead. So far it has been a pleasure though, such a great landscape everywhere.
On my way again, it is hard to keep my eyes on the road!
Some photos from yesterday, hiked to the top of Kendell with Nick. We hiked 4000 verical feet to 13100 foot (over 4000m) and had a great run in front of us, or so we thought. As it turned out only the top part was good, then the rest of the mountain turned into mush, as the temperatures got well above freezing. Very odd in January, so we cursed at global warming and struggled down through the warm snow. Good day though, and I was completely spend afterwards.

Nick enjoying penut and jelly lunch 
Taking break from hiking but it soon comes an end when Nick
brings out his whip again to urge me forward in the high altitude

Silverton from high above
There is much left to do here...
Nick struggling to find a way through the thick warm snow
I left Silverton this morning, but before I started driving towards Salt lake city I first stopped in Orvis for a well deserved soak at the clothing optional hotspring... I then moved on to to some fishing (I had planned to stop 1 hour, but fished 4 hours instead, hardly a surprise for anyone but myself). Got a nice rainbow that slipped between my fingers before I could get a good photo. I also got company by some curious deers, before driving on much to late...
Winter fishing in the warm sun
Unafraid herd of deer
Reeling in a rainbow trout 

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