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Monday, January 9, 2012

Lost in Loveland

Colorado, Denver - Jan 8th, 11pm
My body is screaming at me, my voice is gone, and my head is hurting from jetlag, the altitude today and for not drinking enough water. Soon sleep. Where am I? Colorado?

A short video blog only for you! Warning! Involves freeride skiing and bullfighting - viewer discretion advised.

I got itchy feet after 24 hours in Baltimore as I am still waiting for security clearance to start working, so I decided to wait here instead. I got a vague idea of taking my rental car – already packed with with ski gear, tent, warm clothes and, of course, my fishing rod, and go on a Colorado road trip - first stop Wolf Creek, where internet say they have the best snow at the moment.

My planned itinerary the next little while

Ben and Kinsey taking care of me in Denver
Rodeo at National Western Stock Show.
Men Ferdinand satt bara där, o luktade på sina blommor...
Morning update - Time to hit the road, sun is shining and I am feeling a little better too.  And no, I do not know what I am doing, but I think I will be away for about a week - it is great to finally make it to the Rocky Mountains! 

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