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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Night adventures and sweet views

I got snowed and blown in and had to stay another night in Silverton, the wind were howling and it snowed until late in the night. But as everybody know there is still good skiing to be had in the woods - everybody except for my friend John who though it was a very dumb idea to hit the mountain in the snowy afternoon. But he was easily convinced to come along when I called him east coaster and we went for a hike on the nearby mountain Kendell, that you can walk to directly from the hostel. We started a little late, as it turned out, and had to ski down in the dark after 5.5 hours of solid hiking in the fresh snow. I slept good that night. 
John bootpacking through the powder snow on Kendell mountain
Late night face shots...
Our own gold miner, and preacher
Silverton main street the next day, nothing wrong with the view
On my way to Telluride, hard not to stop and take pictures everywhere
Icy road and my eyes on the mountains...
I am now in Telluride and am taking a day break from skiing. Telluride is a great resort and a cool town to, but even though there was some good snow to be had yesterday, and the terrain here looks great, there is not enough snowpack, and way to expensive for my taste at the moment (spent another fantastic night in the car last night, but actually slept like a log), lift passes cost 106 $ and cheapest accommodation is 125$ ...
Sunny powder day in Telluride later the same day
I hope to do some flyfishing later today, and will make my way back to Silverton tonight. The snow forecast is saying heavy snowfall this weekend, so looking forward to that! Hopfully there will be time to enjoy it before my departure home on Tuesday (yep, finally got myself a ticket home, strangely well timed with Annas return home...), now all I have to do is to find a heard of goats to bring home.

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  1. Hej.

    Här i gotet sitter Monica och Goran, tittar på de som vi tycker fantastiska bilderna och filmerna.

    Ha det bra, vi kommer snart.