The climbfish have now evolved to cover my life in the US - including very exiting life in downtown Baltimore (aka the wire) and ocean research expeditions with NOAA. I don't promise frequent updates but I will try and cover the most and least exiting times here. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bake to work

The rat race have started... Door to desk 1.20 h
Some changes in my life since last time I wrote:

1. I sleep in a bed.
2. I go up early in the morning
3. I dress somewhat nice
4. I got a slightly shorter beard
5. I take daily showers
6. I buy flowers (I admit only one, but its a start)
7. I have Anna within arm length distance instead of half a world away.
8. My daily exercise is a 3 minute bike ride to the train station.
9. I have started baking bread and I can't stop it - my sour dough keeps calling, feed me!  
10. I spend my days with other people that, like me, breath air but mostly think about water and fish
My cube at NOAA CCMA Biogeography Branch. Lots of
fish around, and Swedish meatballs waiting for me at my desk.
They let me through security after almost 10 weeks of waiting and I started working for NOAA on the 1st of February. I am so glad it finally worked out! It even almost make up for the city life transformation. Luckily enough there is already a 20 day field trip to the Caribbean planned for April (well, there is some more paperwork first...) to do Coral reef habitat mapping of Puerto Rico. So I am exited to say the least about that. Motivated people all around me and I don't think I could come up with a better place to work right now.
If it wasn't for the computers this photo could well have
been from the last century (thats the last time I baked)
Home made cinnamon buns according to secret family recipe (found on google)
My very own rye sour dough bread, I am so proud of myself! Good Gustav!
Anna Valentine. We followed up with the black and white silent movie "the Artist"
Baking and flowers, what is happening to me?
 Did you notice most of my pictures for this blog where taken in our apartment? It kind of mirrors the change of every day life over here. I have been out for some refreshing surfing with Bob on the coast though just two weeks ago, and am hoping to escape out this weekend again. It actually started snowing last week for an hour or so, before the rain took over... who knows what winter have left in store.
My new pirate ships arrived just in time to decorate the wall...
Stranded on a desolate beach...


  1. Grattis till brödet. Du går i mina fotspår kan jag se. Själv har jag bakat tisdagsbullar. Kan det vara nåt? Går bra med vanligt bullrecept men utan ngn fyllning, den kommer i nästa steg.

    Kram P

  2. Härligt att se att du sköter dig ;-) Grattis till jobbet - fantastiskt bra gjort att få det!!

  3. Härligt att höra att allt verkar ha ordnat sig till det bästa. Nu är det jag som står för äventyr. Vi såg vild tiger igår!
    Kram från M