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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sharky Easter

Two minutes ago, while I was uploading these pictures, a BIG Hammerhead shark swimmed by in front of our ROV camera. So cool. I am sleep deprived and I pretty much work most of the time. We have not seen as much corals as we expected yet, but its fun and challenging to dig in deep into the habitat mapping process. Yesterday night we were tracking fish to try and capture a full moon snapper spawning event with the ROV and our sonars, but so far little luck. We did by chance run into a big school of Tuna later in the day though and got some good pictures.  Time to go and snooze in the sun.. Happy Easter! Glad Pask pa er dar hemma, tanker pa er!

Easter Sun

Rain&forest in the distance

Easter Chickens
Easter BBQ
Getting into it
Glen controlling the ROV while Brian is categorizing habitats with
support from the multibeam imagery we produce during the night watch
Fresh off the press multibeam images showing seafloor features like reefs and
sand bottom, then used to plan the ROV dives. We just did number 19 and as I
was writing this blog 2 minutes ago a big hammerhead shark just swimmed by!

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