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Monday, April 23, 2012

Signing out...

Culebra Video Update!

Arrived to culebra 2 days ago. Its a small paradise. Small only because its a small island. Except for the hord of ants that invited themselves to my tent at arrival. Have to bring Anna here for Hopkins detox soon. Life is good.

Picture update:
Brum brum... Culebra from above

This is your captain speaking!
Will enjoying the view
Who needs a hammock?

I do!
Marine debris...
The roosters drove us crazy each morning - this one still not old enough to be annoying
Finally got my survival skills together!
Best drink around
Ants, roosters and palm trees (that fell down on wills tent)
Its good to breath

Turtle power

A little bit of scuba too

Lion fish harpoon pirate

The last day we had a great morning free diving just off the beach were we camped. Just when the camera stopped working I had the best dive experience of the trip. This beutiful moraine eel peaked its head from under a ledge, and when I poked my head in to investigate she came out and looked at me, totally exposed 50 cm from my face for quite a while. Was almost like she was lonely and wanted some company (thats how I know it was a female!). We also had a school of fish that followed us around for 20 minutes, probably seeking protection from some sharks... It's great to know that I will come back here for more work with NOAA in time.

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