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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Working my coconut

A refreshing local drink
Local tree
Somebody has to do the tough work. Might as well be me. First week in the Carribean went by quickly, after a good start with a couple of days exploring San Juan on bike and by foot we had our last Pina colada at the local bar and took to sea. Eventhough we really are in a little paradise out here I have, in all honesty, spend most of my time in front of a computer processing data that we use to characterize marin habitats in the area we are working in outside Puerto Rico. I work the nighshift 00-8 and then some, that also meens I can rest with an icecream in my hand on sundeck later in the day before crawling into bed at 5 pm. For the curious there is a Noaa science blog you can check out, including a link showing the boats position http://shiptracker.noaa.gov/shiptracker.html, select Nancy Foster. Adios!

Our present position outside Puerto Rico
Old town San Juan
Local drink
Wannabe locals
Nancy Foster, a place to call home
Spanish fort garding the city from pirates and coconuts
Men with big brains
Highlight of the day - the ROV dives on our newly mapped areas
Tim and the ROV ready for action
Enough work for today

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