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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swedenland on the horizon

We finally found our perfect beach in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
This is what happens when you don't eat your coconut!
Anna killing another palm tree baby
Beautiful soft coral at Bocas del Torro 
Diversity! Not to mention that the reefs created some
great surf spots that I got a chance to sample 
Dock of a bay, wasting time...
Border fun, the only road (for trucks, car and horses alike) to get into Panama
Baltimore City putting on a show at our arrival!
I am looking down at the Gothenburg archipelago below me and just got a glimpse of our old apartment as we hover over the city on our way to Stockholm and Norrköping!

It is exactly 6 months since we last were home - then dark and rainy,  dressed as an elf,  now blue skies and a sun that hardly dip below the horizon (and quite likely a mosquito invasion waiting for us). 
Our new garden getting a wack!
There sure has been a lot of traveling lately, on the verge of too much. After bringing Anna back to safety from the Jungle (...though as it turned out she was faster then the monkeys at climbing trees when feeling threatened and hardly needed my very manly machete, used for nail picking and the odd coconut, for her protection) we spend merely 3 nights settling in to our new row house in Hampden, Baltimore. I think both me and Anna happily would have stayed another couple of weeks in our new funky neighborhood - it feels like we have moved to a different and greener planet, but really we are just a few miles from downtown "charm city". That said, I greatly look forward to see family and friends, drink schnapps, dance the little frog dance in a couple of days as we celebrate “Midsummer” next weekend, and to micro travel in Sweden instead of crossing continents and oceans for a while. Anna is going to spend two months in Sweden before she returns for her PhD Studies in Public Health at Hopkins this fall, and I will stay here for 6 weeks while waiting for the lovely process of getting all the necessary papers to live and work in the US approved.
Tall Ship Sailebration in Baltimore Harbor
Now awaits European Soccer championships, swedish homemade food, fika, fishing trout with my Nephews, and hopefully some sailing. - Come to me sweet salted, grilled and fermented herring! Come to me kantareller, lingonberries and meatballs!

Hej alla Älgar o Svensk Sommar!!!

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  1. I'm glad to see that you and Anna really enjoyed your time on Panama!

    - Héctor