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Thursday, November 1, 2012


So I got my (well deserved) small share of Sandy after all and got stuck at the airport in Puerto Rico for half a day on my way home. I am using the time to upload some pictures from the last two days. Meet "Turtle" and other new friends I made! Now it's time to change my shorts and straw hat for furry winter panties. Brrrrr. I leave rather reluctantly, but it will be very good to see the canoe, and Anna!

A Hawksbill turtle teamed up with me on my last snorkel at the local reef
Elkhorn Coral
Working in the Mangrove Lagoon. No motorboats allowed!
Lots of little fish hiding in the mangrove
Another little fish hiding in the Seagras
Big fish hiding in the sand...We were both very surprised
If I was a little fish I would swim elsewhere...
A pufferfish, not feeling like a balloon today
Going home, just like me!
St. Johns mouth watering northern coast line

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