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Monday, December 17, 2012

BMore Xmas

Short video with some clips from Hampden 34th Street and the Christmas parade on the Avenue.
The password to watch the film is "tomten" (having some issues managing my vimeo videos at the moment)

Christmas celebration are in full force in our neighborhood Hampden. Lights in every house and Santas driving around in cars and motorcycles... 3 blocks away from us is "The wonder on 34th Street", were the residents have gone slightly crazy on the decorations, and its drawing hords of people every day of the week since it started in late November, on Saturday nights you would think there is a rock concert on the area judging from all the people, but it is simply an effect of 34th street.

My kind of parade
Baltimores Roller Skate Girls in their best Xmas outfits
Even the Mayer took a spin on the annual Christmas parade on the Avenue

Lots of old American cars out on the roads
Bambi American size
The Wonder on 34th Street. My first interactive 360 Panorama Image (you can pan around in the image, zoom out first and it looks better). There are rooms for improvement but its a start!

Anna visiting one of the houses on 34th street
Weel Cap Christmas Tree
Better post my letter soon! (isn't there an email address these days?)

Happy Holiday!  Time to find my elf costume

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