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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Armageddon! my # have been heard

Trevor desperately trying to put his ass on fire earlier this evening
Wow! Here I go complaining about the lack of snow and then it happens, Baltimore gets thrown right into Arctic winter (more then 1 cm of snow on the grounds = complete chaos). Just one week ago we were eating brunch outside in DC in T-shirt only, celebrating President Obamas Inauguration, and now it is down jacket on and pretty damn cold even by Swedish standards.
After a whole year of waiting in vain, my pirate ship finally get to set sail
for the first time, even-though it is but a pond.
Of course I had to take advantage, especially as Anna went to Philly on an all girls weekend and left me to make my own plans, so I teamed up with Trevor to drive 3 hours to  a random hostel in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania, cosy but little creepy as we are the only ones staying here (who ate the others?), to ski the infamous Seven Springs resort today and tomorrow. And after a couple of hours night skiing today I must say it is better then I though it would be, but when I compare with my trip to Colorado this time last year I get a little sad. It is great to be able to explore winter activities even with Baltimore as the base, an unexpected bonus, and tomorrow wait fresh snow and sunshine! 

Me, Anna, with Ben, Kinsey and Saskia having Mimosas
for Brunch during Inauguration weekend in DC.
Getting ready for the traditional Inauguration Ball (tacky version)
Anna with a happy random person we met trying to find a spot on the Mall
The crowd going crazy for any camera that appeared to be broadcasting..

We were quickly picking up the required flag waving skills. Especially when Obama
mentioned "making it easier for foreign engineers and students" (pretty spot on!)
The national sport of flag waving, and then some
Anna transformed to a Neanderthal version during a brief visit
to the National History Museum. I particularly like the hairstyle
Anna was getting a little to excited about the stones in there -
pay grade slightly over what you make researching coral reefs
A fine trash tribute on the street,
 he sure got some stuff to work with the next 4 years
My daily commute just got slightly dicier... (not to speak of the train delays, and the people driving.. they are terrible!) On Wednesday the forecast say 20 deg C, and then back to snow storm on Friday again. Wacky!
Next coming up: Baltimore Ravens playing Superbowl next weekend! (no I have not followed the games at all, but could not avoid noticing this event for all my ignorance). Now sleep, tomorrow ski every penny out of that expensive lift ticket

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