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Friday, January 18, 2013

It's so 2012

...Christmas that is. Though, it is great to look back to the two holiday weeks we just spend in Sweden. Damn good to see family and friends again, and snow - not so surprisingly I got bitten by the snow virus, and now back in DC I can think of nothing else. I would give anything to have a snowy big mountain in the outskirts of Baltimore. NOAA actually promised a snowstorm yesterday but it was a cruel false alarm. Not a flake in sight and a sunny inauguration weekend coming up. 

Sled transport on my last leg traveling to homeland
Lots of snow and Elfs
Stor Sis and her 3 dwarfs
What I actually came for
Swedish Traditions not so different from the American, eat eat eat 
Poor Pig, but so tasty! 
Once Christmas was done it was time for some hunting with the boys
(read drinking and playing cards) out on our farm.
No Electricity, no heat, just simple candles and lots and lots of fire wood
Well, we did give the hunting a shot to
Water in plenty but took some time to ingest
Olle,  Erik and Linus enjoying the view and grilled hot dogs
Me and Anna had managed to get both our families together for a ski week in
Långberget, Värmland, to celebrate New Year together  
Lill Sis and Dad taking a spin at the Hotel Bar. Röck än råll!
Anna snuggling up with her parents in their camper
Enjoying my Swedish coffee and the setting sun (which is most of the day up here) 
Volvo, Woods, Snow and a Camper.
Långberget "Mountain"
Anna and her original ski instructor (aka Pappa Jan)
Oliver flying down the slopes in V style
Alex putting on an impressive endurance display to try and beat uncle G
3 Year old Wille fighting for victory

Fuel stop. Carrots. Banana. Go!
Most of the day, it is really like night time... Not all is bad being
back in the US with about 3 more hours of daylight
present, bags, check!
 2013. I still have troubles saying it. I think it will be a year with lots of... work. That kind of sucks. Then again, in about a month it is time to pack my bags and go down to Puerto Rico again for a few weeks of field work in the Caribbean. And it looks like there will be plenty of more travels this year too. If it could only snow in the mountains around here it really wouldn't be to bad. #Give.Me.Snow.Now.

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