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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back on the sunny side

A good place to write when conditions are right
Under-stimulating winter in Bmore = done. Summer = start. It is time for the annual cruise to Puerto Rico. The weathered science team has gathered from various parts of the country to board NOAA Ship Nancy Foster for two 10 day cruises. This time around we are set to map the habitats in a new Marine Grand Reserve on the North East side of the island, a job that we started last year and hope to finish this year if things go as planned (they never do). I somehow managed to sign up for both legs and will hang around down here until the end of the month, I tried to complain to Anna that it was too long on the ship but to no vain (you are going to the Caribbean!). Being a good husband I did not leave her all alone with her exames, she has one of our best friends, Fia, visiting and will also come down here for a couple of days next weekend. That I look forward to.

Arriving a few days early I got a couple of good days cruising around western PR to visit a NOAA colleague and his wife, and also to get some surfing in before settling in to life on the small space of the ship. The girl at the car rental shop quickly convinced me that the 4 door car that I had ordered had been "upgraded" to a 2 door Smart Car, its a wonder what damage a smile can do to your brain. I must admit though that cruising with the tiny car on the highway was pretty exciting.

I was lucky with a nice ground swell, found a new spot to surf on the north west shore and finally got some rides after a long cold winter deprived of quality surfing and skiing. So relaxing! 

Rob and his wife Glenis showed me a great time, and also took me around to a coffee festival and the local beaches and bars.  Once back in San Juan we headed out to sea after a long evening at the local bars. This was punished with heavy seas, hangover mixed with seasickness at the same time as we had to do a lot of work. Some days you pay to be down here...

Tim and Chris warming up with some deck action working with the
ROV that we use to film the seafloor down to 300 meter depth
 Now this guy is on the way, bringing 5 meter waves on Saturday. That should get exciting. Also, our main engine is broken at the moment.

To be continued...

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