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Monday, March 25, 2013


June 26. 
UPDATE! I finally finished the short movie resulting from the films I collected during the trip. It shows life onboard the ship and gives you a brief picture of the science at work. Me and Will collected some unique shots showing the ROV at work among other things. Enjoy!

Original post:

RIP sweet camera. August 2011- 25 March 2013. After 1.5 years of fateful service your partner send you 60 meter deep down in the ocean to explore an unknown shipwreck. You imploded from the water pressure and the failure of a third party lens port that cracked :( I just hope it was quick and painless. O well, I guess I have to upgrade to a lighter, thinner, better version of you. I hope you understand. 

A miracle and more then a little duck tape needed to fix it.
Even the memory card seems to be toasted
On the upside of things Wills camera held for the pressure (phew!) and we got some cool shots of the ROV exploring this previously unknown wreck.
A week ago we went into port for  few days of rest. The first day we had kids from 3 Schools in the Area visit us and learn about the ocean outside their coastline,  the science onboard, and how to drive the ship. Me and Will were assigned with the infamous survival suit training, once they started dancing Gangnam style with the suits on we know we had our success.

Kids Day!
A couple of hours later I picked up a young lady at the airport and we sneaked away for a few days in a small beach town an hours from San Juan. It was pretty great to get off the ship for a few days, and in style too. 
Our view from the Luqielo Sunrise Inn. Conveniently located right by the local surf break.. 
Me and Anna hiking to the top of El Younke Rainforest 1000 m over sea level.
Good to get them feet moving again
Sweet views of the rainforest and the ocean on both sides of the island once the clouds cleared
Not quite as adventurous as hiking in the costa rican rainforest
(nothing that eats you here), still pretty nice
I tried to smuggle Anna onboard to take her with me, but she got
booted off the ship once the sightseeing was done. 
San Juan harbor entrance. 
It's me and the birds again for another 5 days before this years PR ocean mission is over. Please stop snowing in Baltimore (they had a snowstorm today apparently). It is summer now! My friend Fredrik Schenholm might think otherwise, he is in Kamchatka trying to photograph skiing in front of/on a very active volcano at the moment. I highly recommend his blog if you want to take part of some of the action.

Seabirds patrolling our bow for hours waiting for the ship to scare up flying fish,
which they then had for an healthy sushi breakfast

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  1. Is that you golf car being loaded in the background during Anna's sightseeing?