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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free for all!

After some consideration I decided to put the full length version (40 min) of my Jan Mayen movie on the web for all to see. It was starting to decompose in my computer and really needed some fresh air so here you go, free for all! Please share the link to anyone who is curious too see it, you never know if I decide to pull it down from the web so hurry up and watch it :) I also just had it published in the news on two Swedish websites, Utsidan.se, and Freeride.se. Any other suggestions? The more the merrier.  To warm up, watch the Trailer if you have not already seen it. Then make sure to snuggle up with a warm drink and some seasickness pills readily available before you press play!

While on the topic of planting seeds, I have been busy lately - I present Gustav Garden Project 2.0! And just as last time when I started out putting a few plants to the ground it has quickly gone out of control. Why not make it just a little bit bigger? The bottom line is that I am probably quite bored at the moment and therefore have been putting the left over energy into gardening and mindless workout. But whatever it is I am having a good time. Next winter though - I hope I get out for some more adventures Jan Mayen Style. Minus the puking part.
A neighbor decided to take down his deck.
I capitalized on the free wood.
Raised Garden Beds
Not to happy that my avalanche showel
has turned into a useful garden device
Including BMore Rat protection fence
My little darlings. One day they will grow up to become tasty veggies,
but for now I am tendering to their every need
Has this turned into a Gardening blog? Yes, most likely. Expect plenty of plant growing bigger pictures next time around. If you are reading this for the adventure part, next planned happening will be free-diving (and working) in Puerto Rico in the end of June.

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