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Monday, July 8, 2013

The end of a trip and the start of another

Monday July 08
Update: I now have a coconut drink in my hand ;), also driving a golf car.
Btw. Big Storm on its way

Saturday July 06
Closing in on my final destination, Culebra, PR
I’m sitting on the slow ferry to Culebra with a mountain of gear next to me hoping the pouring rain will stop before I make it to the other side. It was not supposed to be this way, I should by all rights have a coconut drink in my left hand several hours ago, but SouthWest Airlines wanted differently and had accumulated a lovely 1.5 hour line up to the check in so all travel plans fell apart when I missed the only direct flight for the day with a good hours marginal, send me on an expensive hastily planned alternative route with a different carrier and missing my connecting flight, which brought me to the last ferry of the day. Now I take it you don’t feel too sorry for me as I’m once again heading down to do field work in Puerto Rico, but I just needed to put my frustrating day into words. Done.

Leaving Sweden after the wedding and the tightly packed 2 week social frenzy was pretty tough, I had a cold but great time paddling with Anna on the west coast, and after we spend a few fleeing days under the midsummer sun with my family on the east coast. Much to short.

Sis Anna and kids during photo shoot for CrossNature and Stark Ute, Kids Edition!
I came back rather reluctantly to a hot humid Baltimore and decided that whimpering about being back to work during the Swedish midsummer calibration it was not my thing. I quickly drove to IKEA to buy herring and invited what friends I could scramble to a Swedish style midsummer party in our backyard. Not bad. Next day I joined some bike friends out to the coast to watch the super moon and the space station fly by. It was incredibly nice and I realized that summer here might not be that bad after all.  I’m getting slightly seasick (great start of my 3 week sea odyssey out here, 20 days of none stop work from small boats and kayaks coming up). I’ll let my picture tell some more stories in my usual fashion.
Midsummer US Style. I did bring some schnapps and herring from IKEA though :)

Flying on the dunes at Assateague National Seashore

XXL Moon at Assateague

Baltimore Bike Party, Eighties theme!

Over 1200 people (my guess) out for a bike ride!

A beaver /(that actually dont have to study at weekends at the moment!!) at GunPowder
Packing Soup (the cat) and other crucial things for the field trip

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