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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best out West

It's pretty great to be out west again. Jag är som en ko på grönbete... I brought Anna with me for a week in Corvallis Oregon where I am currently attending a weeklong NOAA course in Oceanographic Satellite Data while Anna is teleworking for Hopkins. We so happened to plan our travels so we got two long weekends out of the trip. After a late arrival to Seattle on Friday we spend two days driving down along the west coast 101. Its easy to understand why everybody look so healthy around here. It's practically impossible to not run around hiking, fishing, surfing, biking with these great surroundings. On top of the active life style out here all restaurants serve organic, locally produced food (not to speak of the local breweries, healthy for the soul...). Only thing to say about Oregon Coast is that while we do have fantastic summer weather right now the ocean is sooo freezing. I thought I did well bringing both my wetsuit, boots  and Swedish mentality, but it turned out I should have brought my hoodie and my gloves as well. Its less then 10 deg C in the water in mid August! Currently living in a small bed and breakfast in Corvallis it's like we have landed in a miniature Portlandia.
Food for me (though absolutely freezing!)
Food for Anna

Looks that way...
Cruising along scenic highway 101
A new found friend along the road
View from my breakfast at Newport Coffey House. Fishing boats and 3 NOAA ships
The local choir...
Thats what I call a large pancake, it kept me warm surfing in the 10 deg C waters 
Next activity fishing in Vancouver on Friday. Anna is grounded from her work for a day to see if she can catch her own dinner

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