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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oregon - Vancouver - Seattle

As close as we got to the Vampires. Anna is very "fashinated" by the Twilight series but claims she is
 not a fan. Though she have seen all the movies and read the books..  Now she has also had the beer
We ended the trip on the west coast with a long weekend visiting friends around Seattle and Vancouver. As always I leave this part of the world with a crave for more, and with a sinking feeling that it is to far away from were I live. Im sure I'll find another excuse to go soon enough.
Fitting right in
I might cut this before I get back to work tomorrow
Mt. Baker forest full of gnomes and big trees
Anybody out there?
Mt Baker, WA
A quick roadside fish fix
Its been long coming, finally got to see my friend Brandon in Vancouver again, since last time the family had doubled in size..
Big Happy Family
Did I forgot telling you we have two kids now?
Great Hiking 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver. If the kids had not got
hungry 10 minutes from our goal we would have got a nice view as well...
Carrying Vancouver on my green shoulders 
Ok, now she is just showing off. Anna 1 -  Gustav 0
Next Stop - Visiting my godparent Magnus sister Ritva in Seattle. Swedish "Fika" at last
Monday morning 5:00 AM, time to go fishing
Ritvas husband Harvey is a phenomenal fisherman and decided to take me out for a day on the water in his boat. The early morning start payed off and we where soon into a plenty of Pink Salmon. Every second year about a million fish swim up this watershed and we hit prime time
A fine Pink Salmon, or humpie as Harvey calls them as they develop a large hump on their back when they get further up the river to spawn. After Spawning all adult fish die and go for another tumble in natures circle of life. This one got turned into a delicious smoked salmon instead...
Harvey getting some action. We filled our quota (4 pp), then catched and released some more before reluctantly leaving the river teaming with fish (and fishermen)
Harvey's fish mobile. I like the concept.
Harvey is also a lifelong collector of Lures, reels and rods. He has an amazing collection in his basement/man cave. Even Anna was impressed. 
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