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Sunday, September 29, 2013

First snow(!) and a picture perfect Colorado wedding

First Snow! Driving up to Wild Basin, CO
 Me and Anna arrived to a rainy Colorado a few days ago. Our first stop was the university town of Boulder (a walk through campus there would make anyone want to be a student again). Boulder was still recovering from the catastrophic flooding a few weeks ago, but businesses where mostly open and people seemed to be busy recovering and getting back to normal. Next day we drove up to the mountains to the rocky mountain national park, and the rain turned into snow. Crazy beautiful with the early fall colors and the snow. The following morning (yesterday) we went for a hike before we attended Annas friends beutiful wedding. The backdrop with snow covered peaks, and turning leaves and a great flyfishing river could hardly be better. So I took a lot of photos...
The next 7 days we will drive around colorado, destination yet unknown. we have tent, a car full of activity gear (i.e. fishing), and some laptops so Anna can work while I fish... Find a campsite, coffee shop with wifi and a nice river and we will be set.
View from our cabin
Hitting the trail
Come to me little fishes!
Unseasonaly cold night make for great pics

Desktop background.. Anyone?

Slightly optimistic

The mess left of the bridge, swept away during the catastrophic floods a week earlier

Where is the bear?
There is the bear!
Wedding about to start in Wild Basin Lodge
The groom and his mum
Bride and brother
On the road to eternity...

The party crew from the east coast
Party time :)

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