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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Art of Flight

Yet another man in tights risking his crown jewels while
flying back on his bike during todays cycle cross race in BMore
As has summer flown by and sent me crashing into the fall I thought I'd share some speedy events with you. 
  1. Anna has turned 30. Just like that. She looks better then ever! (I am sucking up, but it is also true)
  2. We enjoyed Hamden fest last weekend, in combo with Annas Birthday Party, and there were some quite fantastical vehicles crowding our neighborhood as the Hamden Toilette Race took off. Next year, If we are still here, I think it is time to build our own defecation racer
  3. I now own my own compound bow, and the deers around town will have to look out for me as soon as I have learned how to shoot the thing...
  4. I started a new sport 3 weeks ago (more likely got yanked into it by my friend Jay), Cycle cross! It's basically a road bike with larger tires that you ride like a mountain bike. Good thing is that you can practice it in any park around town, and that there are some great spots right around Hamden, so no need for lengthy drives to have some fun. Bad thing is that Jay also convinced me to sign up for the Bike Race he was arranging in a nearby park this weekend. No its not a small one either, part of the world series, and more then 500 riders participating. Yet this fine Saturday morning I found myself on the starting line with 120 other riders (beginner/intermediate class 4/5) who, at least by the look of their gear looked like they knew what they where doing. Me on the other hand had 3 training sessions in my back, and had my debut riding an actual cross bike 2 days earlier. Also, I had never seen a race in my life. The result? I raced for 40 minutes on the verge of throwing up, but actually made it alive through the finish in the middle of the pack. This Sunday morning I surprisingly found myself yet agin on the starting line for my second ever race, and having convinced the local rep for Specialized to lend me one of his 4000$ carbon super pimped demo bike for the race I felt the pressure to perform slightly better. I came in 32 out of 125 racers, and most importantly survived another race.  The worst part is that I have already forgotten all the pain and can only remember how fund it was. Stupid brain.

Bob working on his Robin Hood skills
Groupon lesson in Archery check! (Thanks Andrew!)
Hamden Fest Toilette Race! Quite a fast bathtub
Giant diaper qualifies as well
Just another rat(racer)
How to get a beer? Place 2 dollar in the bucket in the background and you shalt be rewarded
Local hero...
Happy crew
Charm City Cycle Cross Race day 1! Still smiling at this point... 
When you hit obstacles you have to get off your bike and run for a few steps
Elite Men with US/World Cycle Cross Champion Jonathan Page (dressed in the flag...)
setting himself up for the final kill. 
Travis from Specialized setting up my spaceship/demo bike for sundays/todays race
(Warning, this sport could get (really) expensive if it catches on...)
Jay Lizard flying over another obstacle on the course
...Then powers through the dreaded sand pit to chase down the group up a head
Now this is the moment of truth..! 
European champion Helen from GB in a rare moment of having some competitors nearby before she took off to win in supreme solo. Helen showed up on the practice a few days earlier and taught me some invaluable skills how to handle the bike and how to master the art of flight without damaging my jewels... (see the first picture for more details) So I was pretty happy she did so well! 
Turn, hop off, run, jump, run, jump on, ride!
One of the elite men who fell behind decided to put up a show and bike up these steps. Bunny style!

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