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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rocking' N' Rollin

Will keeping an eye on a local storm cloud
Caribbean happy relaxing times at the beach, with some great snorkeling thrown in for a bit of fun? Not quite. Its been more like the deadliest catch the last few days, just a lot warmer temperatures... Ok, Yes, some great free diving on payed time have taken place too. But all in all we have worked up to 12 hours a day collecting and storing data at some rough hard to get to offshore locations. I have been falling asleep at 9 exhausted and starting work at before 6 am. We have been successful though which feels good, and part of me triggers when the pressure is on. No sleepy cubicle work for a while to come. Today we where chased around by circling storm clouds throwing wind and rain in their way, its almost like mountain weather out here, turning very quickly (just a lot warmer...). Tomorrow we have a day off and I have been invited to go sailing with some locals. Looking forward to that. 

Completed Video locations (red dots) so far around Culebra Island

Heading out for a near shore snorkel at a remote key. No sharks yet unfortunately. 
Captain Pedro!
Will recording the ID to identify yet another video site (best so far 73 locations in a day)
Pedro with some isolated offshore rocks in the background

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