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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back to work on the big blue

Look, a walrus!
You might not believe me when I say I have an intense work week behind me when you look at the pictures below. And to be fair, though we truly have been hard at work solving technical problems and crunching data through our computers for 9 days in a row in a dark room, I can't deny that we are having a pretty good time out here. This is the third year I'm doing the research cruise on the NOAA ship Nancy Foster and by this time both the science team and the boat crew are well known friends.
Sunrise, coffee and  hand line fishing
A couple of highlights
1. Arriving late to St. Croix, USVI, due to an overbooked plane which forced me to stay a night on a small island hotel with it's own snorkel beach and reef. Next day I got my own boat ride with the park service arriving Nancy Foster (already offshore working) VIP style :)
Arriving in style..
2. ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) dives in fishy waters. Yesterday we had 3 large lemon sharks circling the ROV and today we had a hammerhead shark cruising by the camera. Later this evening we saw a shark fin following the boat for a few short seconds while fishing off the stern. Glad to see reefs with live corals, big schools of fish and some sharks, it's been too little of that during some of the other trips I've done down here. 
Three good looking Lemon Sharks came and inspected the ROV
3. Handline fishing/trolling with lots of bites, counting 5 barracudas and one tasty Spanish mackerel so far. First time I am catching some fish on a NOAA ship.
Fish on!
Spanish Mackerel makes for excellent Ceviche
Only 2 more days before it's time to fly back on Monday, better soak up some sun... NOAA is forecasting that DC is in for yet another another snow day on Tuesday
Working night shift has its perks, Steel Beach
Jason preparing the ROV for last dive of the day
300 meter cable to go..
Nick setting up the survey

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