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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Urban Farm: Harvest!

Rob with a haul of fresh delicious organically grown garlic
While I've kept myself busy commuting and working computers, Rob and Megan have worked their land - Sweet Root Farm and Apiary (i.e. real work). We have made visits through the spring pretending to help them but in reality all accomplished has been to provide moral support and to snack on anything tasty in season. This weekend we joined for brunch and to help with the shallot harvest. I mostly helped by helping drinking bloody Mary's and taking photos of the action - leaving the back bending to the rest of the pack... In the end we got the job done rewarded by the tastiest great looking little gems I have ever laid my hands on.

Warming up for harvest
Finding the little "scallops" in a sea of green turned out to be quite the challenge
After harvest comes cleaning
Many hands does the trick
The fruits of our labour seconds before collapse 
Vampire safe room 
Its a real treat to come out to the farm, its a time and place capsule which transfer you out of the paved city and into to the good old country side without even leaving town. Though the place is tranquil and peaceful for visitors Rob have a few more things on his mind, garlics and shallots is just a fraction of the job description

Studies of Newtons Law - what goes up must come down
Feeding next generation of veggies
Busy buzzers working hard for their sweet reward
Sedating the little stingers to steel their honey
Local kid helping Rob out with the wild caught bee hives
That fence still has some work left, but its coming along! Rob filling the gaps with freebie baltimore backyard harvested bamboo

Megan checking one of the 200 blueberry bushes
Not all work is made by hand,,
..Though a lot of it is!
Done for the day

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