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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Best of Winter

Hard earned turns in the Grand Teton National Park

I know I said I had stopped blogging... but I'm also very good of just doing one more (like fishing, there is always just one more cast). I have found myself in absolutely phenomenal winter scenes the last few months, though much to short I at least have some of them frozen on my camera. Pictures from Christmas in the Swizz/French Alps and the Swedish Country Side and a great little roadtrip to Jackson and the Great Teton National Park, WY, USA. Something to reap energy from in cold but snowless, very flat Baltimore this weekend. I would not mind doing this full time again for a while... 

"Slightly" desperate for mountains and snow I flew out to Denver for a long weekend, then drove 8 hours through Wyoming to meet two french friends driven there by a lack of snow in Europe  
Coffee on an abandoned camping ground, heating up after a night sleeping in my rental car... 
Walking is free 

Jackson Hole and the Teton Pass living up to its reputation
Many good lines to be had!
No lift lines, no lifts. Grand Tetons in the background 
Apparently Grand Teton translates to giant tits in French... not to be connected to this picture 
A heard of 10000 Elks grazing outside Jackson - winter migration from Yellowstone  
Grand Tetons National Park with an impressive lineup 
Getting ready for a day in the mountains 
4 hours non stop walking to get up...

The goal of the day, but the snail/swede had not fully adjusted to the altitude 
...and a fun 30 minutes to get down 

Apreski in the sun on the parking lot, best kind there is

Sweden up close
We had phenomenal conditions when I was back home in Sweden over christmas. View over Slätbaken 
Me and sis taking advantage of the good weather to do some CrossNature workout! 

Nisse with inexhaustible energy
Large ice crystals forming in the cold weather. 3 days earlier it was open water here 
Time to test the ice. Safety first
Then get closer to the edge
Then get on the edge 
Dads house in winter dress
Theo had no memory of snow. Really scary and weird white fluff on the ground that was not there the day before!
I admit it. Though stinky and loud, ATVs are fun.
A few days earlier, time for that Christmas bath 
Other resigned to be stinky observers
Swizz Alps before Christmas, little snow but we found what was left in Zinal and got a few turns in on our tour through europe. 
The Swizz know how to do a good winter market
Across the Boarder from Geneva I found my french friends (same as in WY) and they dragged me up a mountain as usual
Inside the hut... cheese, bread wine, more cheese and wine and bread, and some bread and cheese and wine and you got yourself a small french picnic

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